Alumni Reunions

I found this page an important it shows the importance of reunions of alumni. By reunions we meet our old friends and also can make new friends. In this alumni, we can talk, dance,eat and sing. Alumni reunions are conducted frequently to meet each other and to have some fun.


Imagine a life without sun on earth

to protect sun cover house with roofing materialsThe planet we live revolves around this huge ball of fire called the sun, and so does our life. Every day starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset. Sun has been and will be a very integral part of lives and it is impossible to imagine a life without sun on earth. Without sun, the earth as we know it would not even exist. It is the prime power generator of our planet and is our only source of all forms of energy. It literally lights up life on earth and is the one most important star that matters a lot to us out of all millions of stars in the universe.  If you weren’t aware of how important sun is for our life, you can read on to be amazed by the awesomeness of the sun and its effects on our life.


Sun is the one that prevents the earth from becoming a barren cold ice rock. It warms up earth’s surface, oceans and the atmosphere. Its energy is vital to the smooth functioning of biological and non-biological types of cycles that sustain life on earth. It plays a huge part in our weather and climatic conditions. The radiations from sun have a huge influence on our weather patterns and scientists are relating the cyclical solar activity to certain changes in weather. To protect our home from the powerful sun rays our houses can be covered using roofing materials which includes sheets and steel roofing. Solar energy is also held responsible for wind patterns of the earth.  It is no wonder that the ancients looked up the clear sky for all the answers they wanted. They revered sun so much that many cultures had a deity dedicated to sun



The very most essential necessity for sustaining life, oxygen cannot exist in the desirable levels in our atmosphere, if not for the sun. It is the light energy from the sun that enables the green plants to create food and release oxygen into the atmosphere. Photosynthesis is the basic process by which green plants are able to convert water and carbon dioxide into starch (carbohydrates) with the help of sunlight. Plants need the energy from sunlight to make this photosynthesis practical. Plants cannot make use of UV rays or IR rays to bake food. They need the right amount of energy and the sun’s light gives them just the right amount of energy needed.  As photosynthesis produces both water and oxygen as by products, if anything were to go wrong with this perfect natural process our entire food chain would be a mess. Without sun, plants cannot prepare food or continue to live. Without plants, there will not be enough food for the herbivores and consequently this will affect the diet of carnivores and every other life form on earth including us. There may be few exceptions like certain bacteria which may not need light to survive, but without sunlight we can be sure the earth will not be the same lively planet as it is now. If suddenly earth was to be sucked out of oxygen, all living things on earth would die of suffocation in 3 minutes and this lifeless condition would be the long term condition on earth if it did not receive sunlight. Sun’s visible light spectrum is also the reason that we could see the world.

Water cycle

Our planet’s optimum position and distance from the sun makes it possible for liquid water to exist on it.  Most of us would not be able to go a about without drinking water even for a single day. About 70% of our body has water and water is only next to oxygen in the list of most important things needed for life. It is the heat energy from the sun that keeps the water cycle happening and thus provide us with a continuous supply of liquid water.

Solar energy

Sun doesn’t just stop with providing the basic food facilities and things needed for life on earth. It has also helped mankind shape luxury out of nature by mining the various energy resources for powering up their industries and machinery. You may wonder what sun has got to do with electricity or petrol. Actually, it has got everything to do with all forms of energy in the earth. Without sunlight, plants and animals wouldn’t be able to transform into the precious coal, petrol and other types of fossil fuels or pretty diamonds because they wouldn’t exist in the first place.
Besides indirectly helping in formation of sources of energy, the sun itself is a direct source of the renewable solar energy. Solar energy has found varied applications in our day to day life from simple drying up of clothes to solar power plants that could generate huge amounts of electricity. Solar powered portable electronics and solar thermal systems are proving to be more cost effective and environmentally friendly and are getting more popular.


Unless you are a vampire, your body needs a certain amount of exposure to sunlight for healthy well being. While some of the radiations from the sun like the UV and overheating can be harmful for health, optimum exposure to sunlight helps in the formation of Vitamin D underneath the skin. Research has also shown that the sun has a certain degree of influence in our mood and emotional well-being.

Though the sun is essential for life on earth, any changes in the sun’s brightness or temperature can cause global disasters. But thanks to our stable and reliable sun, life on earth has been flourishing for millions of years. Solar storms can have a strong influence on our magnetic fields and communication systems. Increasing levels of UV radiation from the sun could irreversibly damage life forms. But so far our protective natural sun screen, the ozone layer has been trying so hard to protect us from the harsh UV rays of the sun. But pollution and use of CFCs can weaken this protective layer and may bring us under the direct wrath of the sun. Nations from all over the world have started giving importance to this rising concern so that we can avoid facing the harmful radiations from the sun.


We all shine on…like the moon and the stars and the sun…we all shine on…come on and on and on…” – John Lennon

Solar Roadways – The Future is here.

It has been a very long time since we have been driving cars. When you go back to dates, then I think it would be since the year 1886. However, the cars that existed then and the ones that do now are very, very different. Back then, you were only allowed to drive at walking speed, as it was considered very dangerous to drive faster than this. You would even have to have someone walking in front of your car alerting people by waving a flag. Another thing that was very common was sounding the horn constantly… Wow, you must be thinking, hasn’t it all changed! Well, it’s going to change again due to transportation continuously developing, as this is something it will keep doing for the rest of time. Read on below were we are going to discuss solar roadways.

What Are Solar Roadways?

Solar roadways refer to a concept that’s simple and awesome. The notion behind these is to substitute all parking lots and roads with solar panels. This is something that may sound like a dreams or something that has zero percent chance of happening; however, don’t get fooled by such thoughts as they are pretty much on their way and very soon can be real.

What DO Solar Roadways Mean for You and Me?

Well, what this means a variety of different things:

  • Driving cars that are electric will be enormously more affordable – this is due to the additional electricity that’s going to be being generated. Driving a car is something that will be much more eco-friendly.
  • Gas won’t be a requirement anymore – this means we will no longer have to stress about falling low on fossil fuels as cars will be running on the electricity that will be generated via the sun. As a result, gas prices will shoot down and gas station could even end up shutting down. Alternatively, they may also be transformed to electricity stations, so you’d be running your car on the power from the sun and filling up your car with solar energy.

The Future of Solar Roadways

The future of solar roadways is reliant on getting complete approval to be spread over all road systems. However, if this does get approved, let’s have a look at how such roadways will progress as their own technology. As different technologies will be used for each solar road, an upgrade with these technologies will also be looking to upgrade the roads as well. With solar panels on the rise, eco-friendly and global warming is gaining popularity, which means industries are always looking to enhance solar panels and methods to how they can both collect and convert energy from the sun.

Would Solar Roadways be Viable?

There are a lot of fantastic features that have been put into these roads, which makes them appear fantastic and glossed up, but the question is, will they actually work? There is a lot of negativity and speculation that suggests such roadways will not be safe enough or even cost efficient. A few people think the idea is no ready yet and may just be within a few years. However, others say it is not achievable and will just cost a lot.

The Bottom Line

For those who are against the whole idea support this with a range of reasons to why they think this. These include; breakage of solar panels whilst driving, solar panels must be covered by something transparent as that will help them receive sunlight, and they create possibilities for accidents. However, for those who agree with the whole notion state solar roadways will improve the future and make life much easier. People who are for the whole idea also say is there anyone who doesn’t like a better future or an easier life? If yes, then that explains to why they are against the whole idea. However, no answer is right or wrong as all individuals are entitled to their own thoughts and opinions on the subject.

In conclusion, many individuals have very different ideas regarding solar roadways. Whilst some think it’s good and bright for our future, there are others who think the whole notion is terrible. Just like some think it’s definitely too good to be true, others say it might just happen and could have started somewhere now. Depending on your views and thinking about the whole thing, you could be against it or for it. However, to get a clearer answer why not ask yourself what this means to you and how it can benefit you, others around you, and the environment in general.